About Us

Speed Academy is a website and YouTube channel focused on going fast. Whether it's modified road cars or fully built track cars, we're all about finding ways to make the machines we love even more fun than the day they left the assembly line. You'll find a high-performance focus on our website and in our videos, where we test the latest go-fast parts and build a wide range of project cars while documenting the improvements in performance every step of the way. Dyno tests, track tests, DIY installation guides, and big, juicy burnouts are all part of the master plan.
Peter Tarach and Dave Pratte, the driving forces behind Speed Academy, have been building, modifying, evaluating and racing cars for over a decade and were the key personnel behind the now shuttered Modified Magazine. Peter, Dave and their core group of contributors including shopmate Ken Wagan are all diehard petrolheads who know a thing or two about testing performance parts and building badass machines.
We support authentic products that are engineered to win, and we've learned through experience that it's always best to invest in genuine performance parts designed by real engineers to not only survive but excel when pushed to the limit. We feel the same way about our apparel, all of which feature original designs by our very own Peter Tarach. 
Thanks for your interest in repping the Speed Academy name on your body. We appreciate the support! We'll do our best to keep our swag in stock in a wide enough range of sizes and styles to meet your needs. Now get the hell out of the fast lane, because the ASS2000 is coming through! 
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